TIR BAGES was born in 1995 as a family transport business. From our beginnings, we
have always veiled to offer our client the best solution in transportation services.
Therefore, after 12 years of experience, in 2007 we expanded our fleet of vehicles until
today: we are a company with a long history and experts in the logistics and
transportation sector.


Our main goal is to satisfy the needs of our customers in everything related to the
transportation services. We want to be your solution in the transportation sector and
we understand that the only way to offer a good service is to work under criteria of
excellence and urgency, which, added to our experience, gives the result that our
client needs.


  • Guaranteed service guaranteed by our customers
  • Quality assurance
  • Guarantee of compliance with the delivery date
  • Flexibility to adapt to the needs of the client
  • More than twenty years of experience
  • Fleet of vehicles adapted to energy regulations
  • Excellent cost-service relationship
  • Human team with a long experience in the sector